Vision Collaborates with West Coast Icon Snoop Dogg, Unveiling the Soulful Remix of 'Fallin In Your Eyes'



In numerous instances, the desire for self-expression often revolves around the need to be seen by the world. However, Vision, an exceptionally gifted artist, transcends this yearning merely to be seen – his ultimate goal is to be heard. Through his creative endeavors, he aims to make a resounding, impactful, and courageous statement, imparting a profound understanding of self-respect and global awareness.

Exclusively available on Spotify, don't miss Vision's latest single, the 'Fallin In Your Eyes - Remix,' a collaborative masterpiece with the legendary West Coast Grammy-Nominated Rapper, Snoop Dogg. Such accolades are not bestowed upon artists without genuine talent and a relentless commitment to hard work. Vision is presently immersed in upcoming projects with Snoop Dogg and Spotify's most streamed artist, The Weeknd, positioning him to dominate the airwaves in the years to come.

Central to Vision's body of work is his compelling, authentic belief in the spirit world. While skepticism surrounds the existence of such a realm for many, Vision considers it an intrinsic and meaningful aspect of life, wielding a powerful influence over his musical creations.

Embracing the concept of reincarnation, Vision's work is guided by a profound belief that he once lived as a Cheyenne warrior. His deep passion and admiration for the Native American way of life, rooted in their reverence for nature and the spiritual realm, serve as fundamental inspirations for his own journey.

Vision seeks to meld the music and sounds of his present existence with those from past experiences, creating a charming and otherworldly allure rarely found in other genres. Excitement is palpable as we anticipate the reception of his exceptional single, 'Fallin' in Your Eyes.' With its poignant exploration of fate and love, this single is poised to deliver a bold and resonant message.