No one does it like Jeff Turnage, and it's not hard to understand why. This music artist and songwriter has been making waves with his unique and funky voice. He's also known by his stage name "POPAPERC," and he never fails to deliver the best of his talent to his fast-growing following. 

With the recent release of his album "PLUGNSOCKET," the skillful and versatile music artist is breaking new grounds and introducing us to his world of fresh beats and epic performances. 

POPAPERC music draws influence from legendary artists like Pop Smoke, Jay Z, and Internet Money. Fortunately, he's still able to find his unique spot in the industry, as he blends elements of hip-hop, rap, and several other genres so well in this album. This attribute makes his music accessible and enjoyable to everyone. 

Already the album PLUGNSOCKET is receiving airplay on Jango Radio, an online radio station, and it's climbing the chart fast on notable streaming platforms like Spotify.  

POPAPERC may not have been on the music scene for several years, but his dedication and hard work are taking him places, and it'll be unwise to underestimate this artist.  

Already, he has worked with various music producers; and sound engineers such as Blasian Beats, Ethan Ramsden, WAV Ultra, Kinoda1 and even featured them on his latest album.  

His album PLUGNSOCKET also features popular artists like AK on the track "THOU S," and OSHN on the track "Kepit 100."  

POPAPERC is a product of sheer will and determination. Though his journey to fame has not been all rosy, he continues to forge ahead nonetheless- His story is now an inspiration to other young and upcoming artists.  

Every artist understands the value of having the right sound equipment and how it can help them produce the right hits. But a while ago, POPAPERC sound equipment was stolen, and though that dealt a big blow to him with other challenges that surfaced, he chose to learn from his mistake and grow into someone bigger and better. 

According to this seasoned singer and songwriter, that deliberate decision is the reason for the title of his album PLUGNSOCKET- growing from your mistakes and letting them guide you to do better. 

POPAPERC is still doing what he knows how to do best- producing timeless beats, writing songs that everyone can vibe to, and promoting his latest music album relentlessly.