It’s quite rare to find an artist as skilled and captivating as Toronto native Latoya Jane. Here is a truly gifted musician, of couse, and you can see that with each and every one of her singles, the latest of which is the instant classic “Empty”. 

“Empty” is one of those songs that speaks to so many different listeners, from across different genres. It’s a song about finding hope, a tune meant to inspire and help guide Latoya’s audience out of a dark place. And how does she do that? By proving she understands where you are and why you’re hurting. Rather than putting out happy but mindless music, Latoya speaks to you straight from the heart, which is what makes “Empty” such a likable tune, in the end. 

Having discovered her passion for music at an early age, Latoya Jane has seen her fair share of struggle and overcoming difficulty. And might we say, more. Still, she wisely held on to her passion and her talent for music, which has now prompted her to put out such high quality and popular music. You love it not just because it’s a well-constructed tune, but also because it speaks to you, and makes you feel at home, even when you felt alienated before. It’s just what Latoya’s voice can do to you. The sort of unique sound that impresses and makes you love the song, playing it on repeat in your headphones all day, every day. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

And perhaps one of the most inspiring things about this wonderfully gifted artist is that beside her commendable career in music, she’s also using her influence to reach out to youth at risk. Because she understands, and she wants her listeners to know that she does. Latoya Jane gets it, and we think those are the best kinds of artists. Those who are there for you, through their music, and Latoya definitely is.