Simon Jegzs Unveils Patriotic Anthem 'America is a Miracle'



Simon Ajegi, known professionally as Simon Jegzs, is an American artist who began writing songs during his childhood. Besides his career as a singer and songwriter, Jegzs is also an experienced broadcaster with a background in radio and television hosting. He holds a degree in Journalism and Communication and Media. A sports enthusiast, he particularly enjoys soccer, football, and basketball, and played soccer during his youth.

Having long aspired to share his music with the world, Jegzs recently released his single, "America is a Miracle." This song, which celebrates the American dream, was originally recorded a decade ago. After revisiting, remixing, and enhancing the track, Jegzs decided it was finally ready for release. He has developed a unique musical style he calls "soul pop," a blend of soul and pop music. Jegzs aims to reach a global audience with his music and hopes to inspire change through his songs.