JULIAN KNOXX releases his latest amazing single titled “Line”. 

DJ, electronic producer, and a talented artist, JULIAN KNOXX recently released his latest track which he titled “Line,” an explicit rhythm that portrays and expresses JULIAN'S talent and skills as one who would lead tomorrow's electronic music scene. 


The single, featuring hypnotic progressions, beats, and drops, are excellently intertwined on the track as KNOXX makes his skillful and extraordinary touches by mixing tech-house, bass house, and future house elements all through the almost-4-minute track. 

Line is one of the most fulfilling tracks he has ever released, reminding us of many talented stars and their skillful work in the genre, like Martin Garrix, JULIAN KNOXX number one mentor and inspiration. 


 Garrix, as KNOXX’S mentor, had inspired him to venture into his journey to music. 

The inspiring “Line" proves that JULIAN KNOXX has the potential to become one of the leading artists in the International electronic scene in 2021 

From time, music has always been fascinating for JULIAN KNOXX... 

At a young, he began to record his music and later worked as a DJ in local clubs. His debut track “Never Let Me Go” was added to Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers playlist. 

Bringing back memories and flashbacks of the best tracks in the electronic scene and yet completely original, "Line" sheds light on JULIAN KNOXX unique approach and creativity in an utterly different manner and dimension than anything he had presented his fans in the past. He electrically and sonically transported us into a mysterious state of consciousness. 

The music is a smooth synergy between Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass. 

The DJ’s music “Line” finds a half in the mainstream EDM and a hardcore niche dubstep.