18 months. That’s how long people around the world were cooped up in their homes waiting out the storm of the pandemic. It was a necessary time, but one that hurt our spirits and made us feel isolated. The separation from our friends and family along with the inability to do the things we love made for hard times that a lot of people struggled through. For many, during the midst of this period, it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

            With his new track “Summer Days Are Here Again”, Mike Izon — a Hawaiian born singer and songwriter from Honolulu — reflects on these obstacles we faced while showing that the light in our world has finally returned. After a long span of months where it seemed like negativity was the only prevalent force in the world, Izon’s energetic new song is exactly what we need to welcome this return to positivity and joy. 

            Izon masterfully fuses together a variety of different musical elements and styles to formulate a vibe that is cheerful and upbeat. It is a simple song, and yet it is able to do so much in instantly transforming your mood. He combines styles such as island pop — this can be seen in the melodies and chord progressions — along with reggae — this is apparent when listening to the guitar parts and rhythm section. They work together to further this appeal of positivity and liveliness. 

            It is meant to be a reminder of the charm and simple pleasure of appreciating what we have. Before the pandemic hit, it was easy to take something as simple as a beautiful summer day for granted. The trials and tribulations of our daily lives made it difficult to appreciate the aspects of our world that bring about true happiness. As we were stuck inside, we could reflect on this and develop a new understanding of the importance of good times and relaxation. It is clear that Izon came to his own revelations about this when listening to the song. He uses it to function as a testament to being appreciative of these simple pleasures and letting loose to have a good time.  

            One of the standout parts of the song — and something that can be seen in a lot of his other previously released music — is the representation of Izon’s roots as a Hawaiian born artist. It takes inspiration from many forms of classic and modern island music, while still having a special style and flair that is unique to Izon as a musician. This portrayal of his roots can even be seen in the music video for the song which features Izon, his family and friends all enjoying time with one another in Hawaii. 

            As we begin to return to at least a partial sense of normalcy, Mike Izon’s song “Summer Days Are Here Again” is exactly what we need to brighten our spirits and remind ourselves of what it means to have a good time. From his upbeat lyrics to the infectious melodies, every aspect of the song plays a part in creating something that can turn your mood from negative to positive in a matter of seconds.