“You Already”, the new track produced by Beat Author is an exciting culmination of old and new Hip Hop styles. The song is informed both by the G-funk sound that gained a reputation from the west coast Hip Hop of the 90s and today’s contemporary styles of the genre. Beat Author has blazed a path down the center of both of them to create something of his own; it is familiar, while also being fresh and exciting all at the same time. There is an energy to the song that grooves and leaves a lasting impression, making you want to keep revisiting it. 

            There is a distinct bounce to the song that truly reveals the inspiration behind it and some of Beat Author’s other works. He is a student of the legends of Hip Hop — Nas, Biggie, DMX, and of course Snoop Dogg — including elements of what makes their music so long standing while adding his own     personal style. Like those who influenced him, Beat Author infuses elements of funk throughout the track’s entirety. 

            One thing that Beat Author understands as a producer, which is especially clear on this track, is the importance of not overloading the listener when it comes to the production. The beat is hard hitting, but simplistic — consistent, and yet still able to introduce exciting elements that make it memorable (features such as the arabic sounding wail in the background of the chorus add depth and flair making it stand out from other songs). 

            Aside from formulating a beat that can grab the listeners attention, it is important that a producer chooses artists who work well with the instrumental, adding to it in their own way without detracting from the entirety of the track. Beat Author has done this perfectly, including two up and coming Hip Hop artists along with the one and only Snoop Dogg. Each of their individual styles fuses perfectly with one another on “You Already”, resulting in a mix that brings the song full circle. Also, each of their verses and the chorus complement one another, adding the right around of differentiation. 

            Beat Author has truly created something special with “You Already”. He has succeeded in bringing together a range of different musical elements and inspirations to produce a track that is nostalgic and yet unlike anything else. On top of the masterful production are exciting features that show his versatility in terms of those that he works with and results in something that any Hip Hop and Rap fan will be able to connect with. “You Already” is a spectacular next step for Beat Author and helps to continue to solidify his reputation as a mainstay within the industry.